Dryer Repair Manotick

Like any successful business we have worked diligently to establish a sound reputation with the customers we serve. We love what we do and it shows. Our qualified appliance specialists are certified to work on all dryer models. At Appliance Repair Manotick we provide superb dryer repair, installation and maintenance service at a reasonable price. Nobody will respond faster to provide same day dryer service than our friendly professionals. You can place a service call around the clock and our helpful staff member will gladly schedule an appointment at your convenience.Dryer Repair Manotick

We speed up service times by making sure we stock our service vehicles with plenty of top rated quality parts for all types of dryers. Our techs are prepared to service the top load dryer and the front load washer and dryer effectively. We also carry a quality front load washer cleaner that enhances our overall service. The great results we provide are also boosted because of the knowledge, experience and honed skills our experts have accumulated over the years.

We Fix Dryer Problems Fast

If your dryer is not tumbling the clothing then there is a good chance the belt is broken. We carry an assortment of these items in our vans. When the cloths are tumbling, but not getting dry there could be a problem with the heating element. A bad motor or faulty fuse could keep the unit from powering on at all. At Appliance Repair Manotick we can fix these issues quickly and efficiently.

We always try to get the gist of the problem when we talk to you on the phone. If your unit is not powering on we will normally have you check to make sure it has not come unplugged or the breaker has tripped. When our experts arrive they will make a quick and effective diagnosis of the issue at hand. When your dryer goes haywire put in a call to Manotick Appliance Repair and we guarantee to provide the most accurate and affordable dryer repair in Manotick, Ontario.

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